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An Introduction

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Welcome to my first ever blog post! I’m Lois, a wedding and events videographer and in this post I thought I would start by just introducing myself and what I do.

I moved to Taunton, Somerset from Cornwall after getting married to my husband, John in early 2017.

I have been filming weddings for three years, I used to film as part of a photo and video team with a friend (shout out to Emma, click her name to follow her travel vlogs!) but after she moved onto doing more vlog/travel photography work, I decided to venture out as a lone videographer and have been going solo for the past 2ish years now, and loving it!

I have now had the privilege of filming 18 weddings for 18 amazing couples, you can watch these on my Vimeo profile or my Website Portfolio. Each wedding and each couple is unique, and I like to make each video unique to reflect this.

I fell in love with filming weddings when I filmed my cousin’s wedding back in 2016, this was the first wedding video that I shot and edited on my own and I loved the creative freedom that came with this, maybe I am a bit of a control freak but I like that I don’t have anyone telling me what to film or how to edit! Saying that, I do love to collaborate with my couples on how they want their wedding video to be, if they want to try out something they have seen or have ideas, I love to experiment with different styles, you never grow if you refuse to change!

My first wedding video I filmed and edited solo

I decided to start a blog as I felt that I had so much to say about the gorgeous couples, suppliers and venues that I work with, and at the moment I am just boring my husband and dog with these stories! I will hopefully be writing regularly about the weddings and events that I film but also giving out tips and advice for anyone who is planning a wedding, telling stories about what I have learnt, what has inspired me and my journey as I try out new things.

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