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Wedding Bucket List

This is my top 5 list of weddings I would love to film, I have been inspired a lot by photographers and videographers on Instagram that have posted such gorgeous images/video of these that I want a piece of the action!

If you are planning a wedding, and any of these sound like the sort of thing you have in mind, please get in touch. I will be providing a 20% discount to anyone who books me for one of the following wedding styles!

1. Elopement

The thing I love about the idea of an elopement is all that time with just the couple! I love a big wedding but often I don’t get much time to get footage of just the couple on their own, being able to spend that time with the couple or a small wedding party sounds like a dream!

2. Urban / City wedding

As you can imagine, living in Somerset, the majority of the weddings I film are in the countryside. Again, I am NOT insulting countryside weddings, there is so much gorgeous greenery where I live and I love being able to make the most of that, but having a wedding in the middle of a city gives you a whole different colour palate and there is so much incredible architecture to use. Nikki van der Molen Photography and Nick Church Photography (photos below) show just how cool and cinematic this can look in your wedding photos/videos.

3. Boho / festival Wedding

Another increasing trend, tipis, flower crowns, huge wild flower bouquets... I love this look, it’s probably what I would have gone for if I hadn’t got married on a freezing cold January! These weddings look so much fun and it would be a great chance to get creative with a dreamy video!

4. Weddings with Animals

Who doesn't love animals at a wedding!? I have filmed a couple of weddings with dogs involved but I’m talking horses, donkeys, alpacas, I’m up for it all! I’m a big animal lover so why not combine your favourite things in one day?

5. Smoke bombs

I have seen so much of this, maybe it will be on its way out at some point but I want to film with these before it goes! I don’t know what it is about coloured smoke that looks so good, it makes a dull shot interesting and a great shot amazing! Plus if you use them at golden hour it might even look as amazing as these photos below from Iona Taberham Photography!

(Make sure that if you use these at your wedding that your venue will allow it! If they don’t, try to find a location near where you can use them without getting in trouble!)

If you are planning a wedding that does not involve anything listed but is a bit different, feel free to contact me, I would love to hear about it and get involved!

*Travel costs will apply to weddings outside of the south west.

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